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  I create art because it makes me happy and I really do love the entire process. My art represents a fusion of diverse areas of society. My work reflects not only todays modern women but also women from the past. I continue to try to capture them in various situations and places that are unique, intriging, sensual, humorous or emotional for the viewer. I choose not to limit my art and prefer to discover my own artistic methods. I enjoy delving into broader spectrums of art.


  I work with various mediums depending on my mood. Although, I prefer acrylics (on canvas) because of their versatility and quick drying time. My creativity is impatient and waiting for oils to dry drives me crazy. I've recently sold numerous paintings in the surreal style and enjoyed the creative spirit and freedom that this style invokes.


  I've never pursued any sort of formal training in the visual arts. I have done a lot of research and try to keep up with the latest in the art world. I am a self-taught artist. I am also blessed to come from a family with an artistic background. My father loved art and won some awards. My sister is also an artist. From the first time I picked up a crayon/pencil I found that art was fun. I wanted to draw all the time and would use just about anything to draw on. Making paper dolls was one of my first projects as a little girl. I could lose myself in drawing and sometimes didn't notice how long it had been until the room started to darken.


  I will occasionally do commission work, time permitting. I've sold over 3000 paintings. Some through galleries, my website and online auctions. My works can be found in collections worldwide.




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